Anti Aging Treatment

How Argireline Works to Reduce Wrinkles
Argireline is an interesting and unique peptide that, in many tests, seems to reduce the degree and severity of wrinkles on the face, and is sometimes used as a treatment against wrinkle development.Many people consider Argireline to be a good alternative to Botox.
Facial wrinkling is common as people age. Causes are physiological pathways, formation of collagen, elastin polypeptide degradation and other problems that develop in the skin. Sort, synthetic peptides have been found in many studies to decrease the formation of facial wrinkles, and many people believe that this makes them look younger.
Argireline as an ingredient is used in cosmetic products including emulsions, gels, sera and others. The dosage recommended of Argireline is five percent or more, depending on many factors including the speed of wrinkle inhibition a person desires.
Use of Hyaluronan Acid in cosmetics
Hyaluronic Acid is an ingredient used in many high quality products and has been linked to a role in tissue hydration and dehydration, lubrication, and other aspects of cellular function, along with other vitamins and nutrients in the body. Hyaluronic Acid has a half life in the body, in cartilage of two to three weeks, but only one day in the skin. When synthesis in the body declines people experience discomfort of the joints, wrinkles and many people report more frequent illness, leading many to believe that a constant supply of Hyaluronic Acid is beneficial.Some scientists believe that it creates a cushion effect between joints of the body and provides more elasticity in the skin, and a softer feel.Some scientists also believe that it raises the while blood cell count, helping to ward off infection.
Naturally found in many body tissues, Hyaluronan Acid is often used in medical applications such as eye surgery - corneal transplants, cataract surgery, glaucoma surgery, and retinal detachment repair.It is also used to treat osteoarthritis in areas such as the knee.In addition to lubrication and cushioning of joints it has an analgesic effect, and positive effects of cartilage.In cancer treatment it is used as a tumor marker; particularly in breast cancer and prostate cancer. Use of Hyaluronan Acid in cosmetics is a relatively new use of this substance, but it has been approved by the FDA since 2003 and is becoming increasingly popular.

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Edelweiss Extract and the fight against Anti Aging
Edelweiss extract comes from Edelweiss flowers, which are short lived perennials. Edelweiss is a German word which means noble and white.The Edelweiss flower is found at altitudes which range from 1,700 meters to 2,700 meters, general in areas with light soil, good drainage and southern exposure.
Today research by the pharmaceutical industry indicates that there was something to these ancient beliefs. It is used in high quality anti aging and anti wrinkle cosmetics.
Edelweiss extract is an ancient folk lore remedy that modern science is making popular once again. They have also discovered that the ultra violet light absorbing chemicals this plant has developed from high altitude growth makes it a good additive to sun blocks. Pharmaceutical researchers also are interested in the way some chemicals in the plant prevent amplification of oxides, which are tied to the aging process. For more information: